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In 6 years, we have made more than 30,000 our customers fashionable. There are a lot of fashionable people. Now we want each of you to be special. For a style that will adorn you, come to Candy & Dandy. Change fashion to something that will never go out of fashion – style!

His and hers

Quickly or measuredly? Result or process? Restraint or passion? We have combined these concepts. We have a special approach to each of our guests – sweet for girls, like Candy, and excellent for men, like Dandy.

Style is a reflection of personality

When we get butterflies, we curl our hair and put on high heels. If we want passion, we buy a red lipstick. If we want some changes, we make a little revolution in our appearance. It does not matter if it is a bright hair color or an extreme short haircut. It is important that you change your appearance, without changing your personality. We know what men want, like we were reading your mind. New haircut? Or perhaps dyed blond hair? Our professionals will do their best, and we are sure you will be happy!

Bright image of real you

Fashion passes, but your character traits remain unchanged.
We are in the flow of new trends,
but the important thing for us is that you always be yourself!

Reasonable prices

In Candy&Dandy, we try our best to make you relax, and prices are not an exception. You know the exact price before we start and it does not change after it.

Perfect salon for men

"Perfect salon for men" is when the specialist understands you without words and cuts you hair it the way you imagined.

Your hairstyle must be perfect, take little time, and be at a reasonable price.

Perfect result,
no questions asked

Candy & Dandy stylists are the best in the city. They train 80% of hairdressers in Izhevsk. Just relax and scroll through your news feed in Facebook sitting in a chair – a good Wi-Fi signal and perfect result are on our part.

Comfortable environment
without extra people

In the rooms of Candy & Dandy, there are no more than three chairs, so a girl who is having her nails done does not chatter close to you. We appreciate privacy of our guests and know how important the comfort is.

Haircut in 30 minutes

Business, friends, work, family – all this requires attention, and we do not want to miss a minute. We know this, so our hairdressers make a haircut quickly, but certainly very well.

You can find out the addresses of the salons in your town,
the cost of services, as well as make an appointment online
on our website or in social networks.

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