School for Stylists

Training from the best specialists of the beauty industry.
Employment guaranteed.

Is there a demand for specialists?

Yes, there is! You might think that there are a lot of beauty and hair salons around, but good specialists are sorely lacking.

So if you have always wanted to work
in the beauty industry, this is your chance!

Learn from real professionals!

Our teachers are practitioners with more than 10 years' experience.
We choose the best of the best, so if you want to study,
then do it from professionals number one.

Different training programs



Eyebrow correction


Nail extension

Customers admire us

We teach not only how to use your hands, but also how to communicate well, get along with customers, and provide a service each your customer will admire!

Classes take place in a
specially equipped classroom

The training process is lively
and exciting and therefore is
a great pleasure

Purchase of all tools
on the WHOLESALE price

Low price for training

only 5,975 rubles per month

Practice from the first day of training

95% practice and 5% theory

We work with premium cosmetics

Matrix – American brand No. 1

We guarantee employment
with a salon in the city of training

The training ends with an examination. If you successfully pass the examination, we will hire you in one of our salons, where you can sharpen your skills in practice.

You can find out the addresses of the salons in your town, the cost of services, as well as make an appointment online on our website or in social networks.

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